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ChronoLogic is an Australian company with a “History” of technological innovation. ChronoLogic is devoted to providing the world’s best precision timing systems in a universal distributed platform.  We have extended the capabilities of conventional USB to deliver a precision, distributed timing environment. Our patented “USB-inSync™” technology leverages the plug-n-play distributed nature of USB to reduce the cost of precision timing infrastructure and offer unique, customisable and cost-effective solutions for today's most demanding instrumentation applications.


New Product Releases

The CL4000 is a Modular Sychronous USB Oscilloscope/Digitizer. As part of the Distributed Virtual Instrument (DVI) series, the CL4000 allows users to add channels as required. All modules are synchronized to less than 1ns. learn more


CL4000 – Oscilloscope/Digitizer
14 bit, 100MS/s Oscilloscope
Low Noise, High Accuracy
Laptop or PC Control
Software Package Included
Add Channels As Required

  What is USB-inSync™
USB inSync

As seen in Test & Measurement World - Click Here to visit the Test & Measurement World Resource Center and read how USB-inSync™ transforms the USB port into a precision instrumentation bus.


USB-inSync™ is a revolutionary technology which adds highly accurate timing and synchronisation to the already powerful Universal Serial Bus (USB). USB-inSync™ offers the synchronous and deterministic accuracy of rack-based systems such as PXI, in a distributed, PC-based format.

For detailed information about USB-inSync™, please read the USB-inSync™ white paper.

ChronoLogic Product Quality
TQSCI   ChronoLogic has been certified and registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This registration covers the design, manufacturing and testing of innovative test & measurement equipment for the worldwide communications and electronics industries. License No: AU787-QC.
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  DVI Oscilloscope   DVI Series - Distributed Virtual Instruments
The ultimate in distributed instruments - synchronized to sub-nanosecond levels
  Meastro, USB Master Timing Hub   Maestro™ Series -
USB Master Timing Hubs
USB Master Timing Hubs provide the ultimate in precision distributed nanosecond synchronized timing.
  Legato, Scaleable distributed timing solutions   Legato™ Series -
Distributed Timing Products
USB-inSync™ Timing Modules empower the system designer with a range of scalable distributed timing solutions.
  DAQ, Data Acquisition   DAQ Series -
Data Acquisition Products
Synchronized multi-channel I/O platforms that allows distributed I/O and hi-density stacking. Expandable format.
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If you are interested in incorporating USB-InSync™ technology into your products, please view our OEM Solutions Page.
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